Cealnroom & UV-C disinfection

Disinfection, Clean room construction

To achieve the cleanest environment, we can implement a number of disinfection concepts.

From small objects up to room size, we deal with the design of disinfection systems, with the addition of sensors.

Our products include mobile and fixed systems, with the possibility of both UV-C and ozone germination, and a combination of both.

With the addition of sensors, a customized communication protocol can be implemented.

Our unique ventilation and filtration solutions include HEPA-hood systems built around various machines, which are lightweight, easy and quick to install, so they can be built from modules around almost any machine where clean air is needed. These systems can be customised to include a UV-C system.

Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation solutions

We offer a range of solutions to reduce user interventions through the hardware and software integration of laboratory machines.

We provide a solution for the efficient handling of samples by integrating cap clamps, washers, readers and modifications for gripper arms. We strive to achieve the most efficient automated systems, so we also deal with individual requirements, designing and manufacturing grippers, arms and claws.


On the pictres: the robot arm of the TECAN Freedom EVO 200 liquid handling robot modified for cap removal, and the integration of several external elements into the workspace.


TECAN accessories


Design and manufacture of individual accessories


There is often a need for automated handling of tubes, tips and microplates from many different manufacturers in a laboratory environment.

Our company offers a wide range of solutions to solve compatibility issues with different brands, so that almost any add-on can be integrated into your system, managed by protocol.

We strive to fully automate a process by designing different racks, holders, mounts, plate hotels.

We offer the possibility to replace the worktop, custom design/redesign and build a lightweight HEPA-hood system around the machine.

On the pictres: sample accessories of a TECAN liquid handling robot; HEPA injection system, worktop HEPA-filtered injection system with sensing, UV-C disinfection.

CNC Elektronika

Industrial automation & robotics


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