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The history of our company dates back to the university times when we, still students of different subjects but all passionate about our domains, already started cooperating on multiple projects and achieved excellent results. The continuous success of  our join work encouraged us to make the partnership official and set up a company, where we could combine our knowledge and skills to take on bigger challenges and build more exciting things. This is how Engineed Ltd. was found. 

The Engineed team brings together versatile professionals with in-depth knowledge in various fields: computer science, electronics and engineering. Our wide range of business activities includes electronics design, to custom manufacturing, automation, robotics, software development. In addition, we are actively engaged in Research and Development. 

Engineed focuses on precision, which guarantees that our partners and customers always receive a top-notch end product. Thanks to many years of experience in development, we offer custom tailored solutions to meet all our customers’ needs.

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Whether it’s the simplest timer circuit or a highly complex, safety-critical control circuit, our experienced staff are constantly working to develop safe, versatile solutions.

Our product scope includes everything from miniature circuits that fit in a fraction of a matchbox to printed circuit boards that take up the entire surface of a table.

In accordance with the specifications established during consultation with the customer, we undertake the design of all or part of electronic devices and appliances, and execute it at short notice.

Throughout the design process, we actively stay in touch with our clients to ensure that we are creating a product that is truly tailored to their needs.


In the course of projects it may happen that the necessary theoretical or practical knowledge is not in the toolkit of the company. If setting up your own research department is not possible, or if you lack the capacity but need to achieve results in a short period of time, there is a solution!

Curiosity and the joy of discovery are among our engineers’ greatest virtues. So they can be relied upon to deliver in areas that are thus far unknown to everyone. 

The range of our research fields is very diverse, as are the needs of our customers and the interests of our team members.

Our company has an extensive background in sports medicine and in the world of electronic component testing. We also made an accessory for an existing target machine that was no longer supported by its manufacturer.

Moreover, Engineed pioneered the fight against the spread of COVID-19 infection, from developing a light fixture to decontaminate rooms to creating equipment to protect laboratory personnel.


Like others, our own products require specialised tools to improve their efficiency, so we can’t beat ourselves in this area. In any known production process it is not always possible to carry out a flawless process without direct human intervention. In these cases, a dedicated machine is necessary!

With their expertise in research and development and electronics design, our experienced staff can easily create all the necessary components for a well-functioning system, which will then facilitate your daily production or operation. We deliver innovative, high-quality solutions that are guaranteed to produce professional results.

Our range of services in this area includes all necessary electronic and mechanical solutions. From stage equipment to heavy industrial production, our colleagues always apply state-of-the-art solutions in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner.




Our company is constantly developing and growing, so we consider it important to provide our customers with a quality product! This requires our team members to be highly qualified in their field of expertise!

Build your career while studying at university, join our young team of engineers! Join us as an intern!


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